Taiyang and Loong PhD Supplementary Scholarship


Each year the John Curtin School of Medical Research (JCSMR), ANU College of Health and Medicine may offer up to six awards known as the Taiyang and Loong PhD Supplementary Scholarship ("the Award").
The objective/s of the Award are to encourage interest in computational biology, accelerate knowledge and skill development and cultivate an entrepreneurial research and learning environment for PhD students.
Funding for this Award has been provided by Taiyang Zhang and Loong Wang, as part of the Talo Computational Biology Talent Accelerator.


Field of study

Computational Biology


The Award will be available each year to a prospective student/s who is:

  • A domestic and/or international student; and
  • Have obtained first-class Honours, or equivalent in the field of computer science or a related discipline; and
  • Enrolling full-time in a program of study for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy at the ANU in the subject area of computational biology, with the John Curtin School of Medical Research; and
  • A recipient of an ANU approved HDR base stipend scholarship; and
  • Candidates must demonstrate keen interest in developing new computer science tools and applications that directly address real-world biomedical problems. PhD projects will focus on specific biological questions, with defined potential industry partners and computational areas.


  • Supplementary Scholarship to top up the AGRTP rate of the base stipend to $40,000p/a paid fortnightly
  • Paid leave entitlements:
    • Max 20 days recreation leave per year
    • Max 10 day sick leave per year
  • Research Support:
    • $4,000 one-off payment to fund computer purchase and/or travel allowance.
  • Industry Placement:
  • 6-month industry placement - relevant to the research project. (Funded separately to this award - via Talo Talent Accelerator Travel Grants)

NB: The Taiyang and Loong PhD Supplementary Scholarship cannot be held concurrently with the Taiyang and Loong PhD Scholarship.

How to apply

Candidates will be automatically considered upon admission.


Further information