R.G. Menzies Scholarship to Harvard


Awarded in partnership with The Harvard Club of Australia and The Australian National University, the scholarship program is administered by the ANU for postgraduate study in the United States .

The RG Menzies Scholarship to Harvard is awarded annually to at least two talented Australians who have gained admission to a Harvard graduate school. The ideal candidates for the Scholarship are Australians whose primary objective, after completing their studies at Harvard, is to make a significant contribution to this country's development.

There are at least two scholarships on offer annually.


To be considered for a Menzies Scholarship, you must be an Honours graduate (or equivalent) of an Australian university or other recognised Australian tertiary institution and:

  • be an Australian citizen, or have permanent resident status, and normally reside in Australia;
  • intend to return to Australia after completing your studies or to directly represent Australia overseas;
  • have not commenced or previously undertaken a postgraduate degree course at a United States university; and
  • must not have accepted another major scholarship (such as a Knox, Fulbright or Monash Award).

You must also have applied to the Harvard graduate school of your choice, and either been accepted or be confident about meeting its admission requirements and deadlines.

You must also address these criteria:

  • qualities of intellect - as demonstrated through academic achievement and likely benefit from study at a Harvard graduate school;
  • qualities of leadership - as demonstrated by prominence in your chosen field or by involvement in, for example, community affairs; and
  • breadth of vision - as evidenced by the way you look at your present or intended profession in relation to its contribution to Australia and the Australian community.

There is no specific weighting for these criteria and the Selection Committee considers all fields of study. Mid-career applicants will also be assessed against an appropriate level of achievement.

The Committee may also consider these factors:

  • financial need and the financial resources available; and
  • field of study - the Committee may consider the academic endeavours of past scholars to broaden the scholarship's focus into all academic areas.

The Committee will also give preference to candidates who are not duplicating graduate studies previously undertaken elsewhere and who have not completed an undergraduate degree in the United States.


Receiving an R.G. Menzies Scholarship places the scholar in elite company. Previous winners have achieved outstanding progress and recognition in their chosen fields, making major contributions to Australia. Accordingly, all scholars are actively encouraged to support and assist in furthering the objectives of the R.G. Menzies Scholarships throughout their careers. 

The scholarship is valued at up to USD60,000 paid as a one-off payment at the commencement of the Harvard academic year. No other benefits are payable.

How to apply

Applications for 2021 will open late 2020 and will close in February 2021.

The application form will be available in pdf form. However if you require it in an alternative format, please contact: philanthropic.scholarships@anu.edu.au