Permanent Court of Arbitration Scholarship


This award and the fellowship opportunity for 2021 is currently being deferred due to travel restrictions. An update will be posted of when this opportunity will be available.

The objective of the award is to provide support to a current student, or graduate of the ANU College of Law, undertaking a 12 month Fellowship with the Permanent Court of Arbitration (PCA) in The Hague, Netherlands.

The award is intended to assist with the cost of living expenses while the recipient works as an associate to a judge of the PCA.  The recipient will be required to assist the judges of the PCA in their day-to-day working tasks, including carrying out research, preparing case files, and drafting documents and judgments. The 12 month Fellowship will commence in mid-February 2020.

Field of study



The scholarship applicant must be:

(a) a final year student in a Bachelor of Laws program in the ANU College of Law; or
(b) a final year student in a Juris Doctor program in the ANU College of Law; or
(c) enrolled in a Master of Laws program in the ANU College of Law; or
(d) a recent graduate of the Bachelor of Laws, Juris Doctor or Master of Laws program (including the Master of Legal Practice) from the ANU College of Law. A 'recent' graduate is defined as one graduating within five years of the date of application


The value of the award is stated in your letter of offer.  The duration of the award is 12 months. The award is paid in quarterly instalments, from the beginning of the Fellowship period, unless otherwise stated in the letter of offer.

How to apply

Applicants need to provide:

(a) a cover letter for the application
(b) a completed PCA fellowship application form
(c) a curriculum vitae
(d) an academic transcript
(e) at least two written references

The applications should be submitted to