Permanent Court of Arbitration Scholarship


The objective of the award is to provide support to a current student, or graduate of the ANU College of Law, undertaking a 12 month Fellowship with the Permanent Court of Arbitration (PCA) in The Hague, Netherlands.

The award is intended to assist with the cost of living expenses while the recipient works as an associate to a judge of the PCA.  The recipient will be required to assist the judges of the PCA in their day-to-day working tasks, including carrying out research, preparing case files, and drafting documents and judgments. The 12 month Fellowship will commence in February.

Due to the travel restrictions in place in Australia, the ANU recipient will need to complete the fellowship remotely, from Australia. 

Field of study



The award is available each year to an ANU student or graduate who is:

  • a final year Bachelor of Laws(Hons) or Juris Doctor student (whether undertaken as a single or flexible double degree) at the ANU Law School; or
  • at the time of application enrolled in the LLM at the ANU Law School; or
  • A recent graduate of the LLB(Hons), JD or LLM from the ANU Law School. A 'recent' graduate is defined as one graduating within five years of the date of application.

Please note that applicants need to conform to the University's concurrent scholarship position as outlined in clause 16 of the ANU Scholoarship (coursework) procedure. If you are holding a current ANU Academic or Sport scholarship, you can still apply for this opportunity. However, if you are selected for the program, you will need to rescind your current ANU Academic or Sport scholarship in order to accept the Permanent Court of Arbitration Scholarship. 


The value of the award is stated in your letter of offer.  The duration of the award is 12 months. The award is paid in quarterly instalments, from the beginning of the Fellowship period, unless otherwise stated in the letter of offer.

How to apply

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The application will cover both the fellowship program and the scholarship.

Further information

The program will run from February 2022 to January 2023 (around 12 months).