Natasha Linard Scholarship for Women in Engineering & Technology


The objective of this  award is to support female students who are undertaking their 3rd (or later) year, of an undergraduate program at the College. The award aims to help build the recipient's leadership skills in technology, business and community areas, and to develop a mentoring relationship with prominent professionals in the private and public sectors.

Funding for the award has been provided by the College, and by donors who have contributed to the Natasha Linard Endowment. Following the sad passing of Dr Natasha Linard, a member of the first undergraduate engineering intake at the ANU, the College has established the endowment and scholarship in her name.

Dr Natasha Linard was an outstanding and inspiring role model for female engineers. She was one of the first ANU female students to graduate with a Bachelor of Engineering and, subsequently, with a PhD in Engineering. 

The scholarship will continue her dedication to mentoring female students and early professionals.

Recipients of the Natasha Linard Scholarship for Women in Engineering & Technology will carry her name with pride and, like her, will no doubt become prominent members of the engineering profession.


To be eligible for consideration applicants must:

a) be a domestic or international student

b) is enrolled in an undergraduate program in at least their 3rd of the program at the ANU College of Engineering and Computer Science and;

c) has demonstrated a commitment to socio-technical issues through mentoring female students in their final years at the College, by encouraging young women in their final years at school to consider an engineering degree, or through a focus (e.g in their final thesis) on developing or applying appropriate technologies for developing economies

How to apply

There will be a call for applications each year by the ANU College of Engineering and Computer Science.  Applications are required to be submitted on the application form and supporting documentation forwarded to the College by email via  prior to the closing date.

Further information

Continuation based on recipients ability to meet the eligibility requirements.