Mitchell Scholarship


Each year the ANU College of Business and Economics  may award the Mitchell Scholarship.The Scholarship will be available to an eligible current student from a rural background who demonstrates academic ability and evidence of financial need.


The Scholarship shall be available to an applicant who:

  • Is an Australian citizen or Australian Permanent Resident only.
  • Is currently enrolled in any year of study in a single or double undergraduate degree program offered by the College as a full-time student.
  • Has not previously been a recipient of the Mitchell Scholarship.
  • Attended High School and/or have their permanent address in a regional area as definedby post codes that are outside of capital cities (as per the Australian Bureau of Statistics classification of Geographic Statistical Divisions).
  • Has low or medium access to tertiary education from home.
  • Provides a statement of motivation outlining a case for financial need.


The Scholarship will be awarded based on academic merit, location of schooling and/or residence, and financial need.Consideration may also be given to any other factors which the Selection Committee considers to be appropriate and in line with the College's strategic direction and priorities.

The Selection Committee shall take into account the definition of 'rural' and 'geographically isolated'and 'low or medium access to tertiary education' as set out by the Department of Education and Training and the Australian Bureau of Statistics classification of Geographic Statistical Divisions but the Selection Committee shall make the final determination on whether an application is eligible for consideration. Financial need shall be determined by thes election committee following receipt of the completed application form and provision by the applicantof all information requested.


The scholarship is currently valued at $2,000 which be paid in equal instalments over the course of two semesters.

How to apply

There is no separate scholarship application as students applying for program admission through UAC are automatically considered.

Further information

The Scholarship will be offered in first semester only.