Michael Cavenor HDR Supplementary Scholarship


The Michael Cavenor HDR Supplementary Scholarship provides funding to an outstanding domestic HDR candidate who has been awarded and continues to hold an AGRTP or similar living expense PhD scholarship, interested in pursuing the multidisciplinary approach to work undertaken in the Hydrogen Project, a component of the ANU Zero Carbon Energy for the Asia Pacific program, in the College of Engineering and Computer Science.

Field of study

Clean Energy


The award will be available to a prospective student who:

  1. is a domestic student;
  2. is awarded and continues to hold an Australian Government Research Training Program (AGRTP) Stipend Scholarship or similar living-expenses PhD scholarship;
  3. is enrolled or enrolling full-time in a program of study for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy at the College to undertake research focused on hydrogen energy;
  4. holds an Australian Bachelor Honours degree with First Class Honours or equivalent and/or has relevant research experience.


The Award comprises two components:

  1. Supplementary Stipend Scholarship: The recipient may be awarded a supplementary stipend scholarship to the value outlined in the letter of offer, paid as a fortnightly instalment; and
  2. Research Support: A recipient will receive an additional allowance to support their PhD project as outlined in the letter of offer and paid as an annual lump sum into the recipient's Professional Development fund.

Duration: The duration of the full-time award will be four years for a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD).

How to apply

There is no application as candidates are automatically considered based on meeting the eligibility criteria or conditions prescribed under the Eligibility section.

Further information