LHD Lawyers’ Scholarship Grant

This financial support is not administered by the University.


With the aim of assisting in their studies and helping them achieve at the highest level possible, LHD Lawyers want to encourage and support students who are passionate about pursuing a career in law, and will go on to be the next generation of those helping injured Australians and those who are experiencing severe physical, financial or psychological distress, to get their lives back on track.

This grant also gives students the opportunity to clarify their goals, showcase their drive and successes and have their work critiqued by our expert team of LHD lawyers who are invested in nurturing up and coming legal talent.

LHD Lawyers have been operating in Australia for 30 years and have an outstanding reputation for helping Australians in the time of greatest need. Operating nationally with over 90 staff (including 28 lawyers), LHD Lawyers are passionate about supporting individuals, companies and communities when they need it most.

Field of study



In order to be eligible to receive LHD Lawyer's scholarship grant, applicants must be enrolled in a full-time law course, degree or diploma, at an Australian tertiary education institution. Students applying for the grant must have at least one year remaining within their course or degree. 


LHD's $5000 scholarship grant will be offered as a one off payment to the selected candidate. This can be used to assist in your studies and to help you achieve your greatest potential as a student.

How to apply

Click the Apply Now button to be directed to the scholarship webpage and start your application process.

Your application must include:

  • Your contact details, including your name, address, email address and phone number
  • A brief description of your field of study, the name of your course and academic institution
  • A copy of your academic record
  • Your scholarship submission. This will be a 300 to 600 word statement detailing why receiving the scholarship would be beneficial to you and why you deserve to be awarded a scholarship. This could be a myriad of reasons including, but not limited to, adversity you have suffered, positive changes you have made or will make to the community through your career, exceptional academic results, the ability of the scholarship to elevate your study experience by giving you the capacity to travel, attend a conference or explore different avenues of your study.

All entries must be written in English, typed and submitted in PDF or Word format. Each entrant can only enter once and all entries must be original, and completed by you alone. Entries which are plagiarised or not written by the entrant themselves will be disqualified.

Further information

Judging will take place after June 1st by our expert panel of judges. Our judging panel are all employees of LHD lawyers.

Every entry will be judged upon its creativity, individuality, structure, language, and the benefit to the entrant should they receive the scholarship. Your academic transcript may also be considered as part of your entry.

The winner of the scholarship will be contacted by phone, no later than June 14th.