L’Oreal Australia Indigenous Undergraduate Scholarship for Women in Science


Contingent on funding available, the Australian National University may offer an award known as the L'Oréal Australia Indigenous Undergraduate Scholarship for Women in Science. 

It is offered to support Indigenous Australian women attend ANU and complete an undergraduate degree program. 

Funding for this award has been provided by the generous gifts of L'Oréal Australia.

Field of study



The award is available to a prospective ANU student who:
(a)    is of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander descent; and 
(b)    identifies as a female; and
(c)    has applied for, or received an offer of admission to an undergraduate degree program  offered by the ANU College of Science or ANU College of Health & Medicine.

Selection is made on the basis of academic merit aligned with the University's strategic objectives to ensure a diverse student cohort. 

Additional factors may be taken into account and may include but are not limited to:
●    Financial Need
●    Educational access or disadvantage
●    Rural/regional status        

Where there are multiple candidates of equal academic merit and need/disadvantage, preference will be given to candidates not receiving a scholarship or with the lowest value scholarship package.


The scholarship provides up to $30,000 per annum for up to 5 years to assist with educational and living expenses.  The scholarship is paid at the beginning of each semester subject to the recipients meeting ongoing eligibility requirements as outlined in the conditions of award.

How to apply

All applicants applying for admission to ANU through the direct Admission Scholarship and Accommodation Application will be automatically considered for the award based on them meeting the eligibility criteria and electing to be considered for scholarships.