Kentwell Family Scholarship


The Australian National University may offer an award known as the Kentwell Family Scholarship with the aim of  supporting an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander student with education costs related to studying at ANU.

Funding for this award has been provided by an anonymous donor who feels strongly about the recognition of Indigenous knowledge systems and the need to partner with Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander peoples to redress and heal the damage caused by the colonisation of Australia.


The award is available to a prospective ANU student who:

  • is an Australian citizen;
  • is of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander descent;
  • identifies as an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander person;
  • is accepted as such by the community in which they live, or formerly lived;
  • enrolling in an undergraduate degree


Preference will be given to students from a rural or regional area and/or those experiencing financial hardship.


The scholarship provides a stipend of $7,000 per annum for up to five years (full-time equivalent) of a recipient's undergraduate degree.

How to apply

All applicants applying for admission through the ANU Admission Scholarship and Accommodation Application System will be automatically considered for the award based on them meeting the eligibility criteria and electing to be considered for scholarships.

When you apply directly to ANU for admission as a domestic undergraduate student, you will have the opportunity to be considered for this opportunity within the same application. Other such support options are enlisted on the Direct application scholarships page.

Further information

There can only be one scholarship recipient at any one time, so the scholarship will only be awarded every 3-5 years