Judith Wright Scholarship


Each year the Tjabal Indigenous Higher Education Centre offers the Judith Wright Scholarship with the aim of assisting female Indigenous students undertake research in their chosen field of study in the future.

Field of study

University wide


The award is available each year to a current female undergraduate ANU student who:

a) is an Australian citizen; and

b) is of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander descent; and

c) identifies as an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander person; and

d) is accepted as such by the community in which they live, or formerly lived; and

e) at the time of award, has completed a minimum of 36 units and a maximum of 48 units in their first year of undergraduate study at the Australian National University.


Selection is made on the basis of the student meeting the eligibility criteria above and her academic performance in the first year of study


The Scholarship provides a one-off payment of $8,004 paid to the recipient on acceptance of their offer.  

How to apply

There is no application as all eligible candidates will be considered.