Indigenous Knowledge Travel Grant


The Research School of Biology offers travel grants to Science students to undertake an exchange program at Charles Darwin University in Darwin during the winter break.  Students will have the experience to learn more about indigenous culture, aboriginal knowledge of biodiversity, and the success of traditional land management plus experience travel in Darwin and Kakadu National Park.

Field of study

Indigenous knowledge and cultures


ANU students can now enrol in intensive courses in Indigenous culture & knowledge at Charles Darwin University, undertaken during the Winter Break July 2020 (between Semester 1 and 2). The CDU course counts as an elective toward your ANU degree. You will enrol in these courses under a cross-institutional enrolment arrangement, so any tuition fees will be paid directly to CDU, and all teaching and assessment will be conducted by CDU staff. Travel Grants are available to cover all or part of your costs.


CIK240 Indigenous Cultures and the Environment explores the enduring associations between Indigenous people, their cultures and the natural environment. This is an introductory course that will give a broad overview of Indigenous understanding of the natural and the role of indigenous knowledge in the contemporary management of natural and cultural resources. The course will include online preparation (including required reading and activities before travel), several days of intensive Darwin-based learning activities, followed by several days field work and travel in Kakadu National Park, followed by concluding activities in Darwin,  then completion of online assessment activities from Canberra, with support from CDU staff.


Online language courses

In addition, you can undertake a fully online course introducing the language and culture of the Bininj people of West Arnhem Land. The course will focus on the Kunwinjku language, spoken in Gunbalanya and understood widely across the region. The course is delivered fully online, with no set lecture or tutorial times, but there will be opportunity for students to practise what they've learnt with a native speaker of the language via phone or Skype. The course is offered under the authority of the language committee of the Bininj Kunwok Regional Language Centre. This is run from CDU but would not require travel to Darwin: ANU students can use an ANU course code for this online program:



There will be two full travel grants available valued at up to $2,400 each and six partial travel grants available at up to $1,000 each

How to apply

Applications are available from the "Apply Now" link at the top of this page.