Frohlich World Bank Travel Grant


The objective of the award is to provide financial support for the recipient to pursue an opportunity to gain realistic, high-level and varied legal work experience, through a supervised internship of six months, with the Special Litigation Unit at the World Bank's headquarters in Washington DC, United States. 
The recipient will work under the guidance and supervision of the Head of the Special Litigation Unit and individual Special Litigation Unit lawyers. The successful recipient will, among other tasks, draft Statements of Accusations and Evidence and other legal documents, review investigative reports for evidentiary support and adherence to the World Bank's legal framework, assist Special Litigation Unit lawyers in addressing specific legal issues, and partner with investigative teams on specific cases.
Funding for this award has been provided by the Frohlich Endowment in Law.

Field of study



The Award is available each year to a current ANU student who:
  • is a domestic or international student; and
  • is enrolled full time in the Bachelor of Laws (Hons) at the ANU College of Law, whether undertaking as a single or flexible double degree, and has successfully completed at least 90 units of LAWS coded courses; or
  • is enrolled full time in the Juris doctor (JD) degree at the ANU College of Law and has successfully completed at least 90 units of LAWS coded courses; and
  • is a citizen of one of the World Bank Group member countries; and
  • has a strong academic record and demonstrated capacity to successfully undertake an internship with an international organisation.
The INT is interested in candidates with strong critical thinking, writing, and communication skills and who have a proven ability and interest in working in a challenging and fast-paced environment. 
Fluency in a foreign language, demonstrated interest or experience in international law and development, and past experience working in a multicultural environment would be highly regarded but not essential.
The recipient is also expected to be an excellent ambassador for the University and ANU Law.


The value of the Award is $35,000. The Award is paid in a one-off instalment upon accepting the Award unless otherwise stated in the letter of offer.

How to apply

Click 'Apply now' at the top of this page to access the application form
The application will cover both the internship program and the scholarship.

Further information

The program will run from July to December 2023 (around 6 months). The successful applicant is required to defer their ANU studies for a semester in order to undertake the internship.

The World Bank is an international organisation with 187 member countries, 10,000 employees, and 100 offices around the world. The World Bank's mission is to fight poverty by promoting inclusive and sustainable global economic development. The World Bank finances projects on a wide range of issues, such as building roads in Afghanistan; treating malaria in India, preserving rainforests in Brazil, enhancing agriculture in Ethiopia, supporting education in Indonesia, and assisting in the reform of the Ukrainian banking system.

The INT shares in the World Bank's mission of poverty reduction by detecting, investigating, sanctioning, and preventing fraud and corruption in the use of the bank's financial resources. INT's staff members are drawn from over two dozen countries, with backgrounds in law enforcement, intelligence, accounting, legal, IT, and other fields INT's Special Litigation Unit follows an innovative approach that transforms Common and Civil Law prosecutorial functions into an administrative and public international law setting. Special Litigation Unit lawyers represent the bank in sanctions proceedings through written submissions and Sanctions Board hearings; review INT reports for evidentiary sufficiency and legal compliance; serve as INT's primary point of dialogue with the World Bank's Legal Department; and advise INT investigators on their work. INT is a diverse environment. Staff members represent the major legal systems of the world. The successful applicant is expected to participate in open debates between the representatives of different legal systems and contribute to solutions that take the World Bank's international legal framework into account.

The recipient could be eligible for course credit if enrolled in the Law internship course (LAWS 4230 / 6230). To receive course credit, the recipient must meet the eligibility requirements for a law internship and apply for a self-arranged internship. For more information, please visit our Law internship course website.