Florence McKenzie Chair


Each year the School of Cybernetics in the ANU College of Engineering and Computer Science (College) may offer up to 10 awards known as the FMK Supplementary Scholarship (Award).

Funding for this Award has been provided by the Florence Violet McKenzie Chair.

The Australian National University (ANU) College of Engineering and Computer Science is embarking on an ambitious agenda to reimagine engineering and computing to launch our society into the middle of the 21st Century. We are bringing non-traditional skills to engineering and computing to put people in the centre of delivering solutions to global challenges.

The Florence McKenzie Chair is part of this agenda and is proudly named in honour of Florence Violet McKenzie (née Wallace), Australia's first female electrical engineer. Florence McKenzie exemplifies the pioneering spirit and lifelong pursuit of inclusive use of technology in society this Chair represents, and we proudly acknowledge and celebrate Florence Violet McKenzie and her legacy.

The objective of this Award is to provide funding for outstanding domestic* or international† students to enable them to pursue a PhD program in the New Branch of Engineering developed by SOCY.

Field of study



The Award will be available each year to prospective and continuing domestic and international students who:

  1. Have received a statement of support from the SOCY cohort PhD program convenor; and
  2. are enrolled full-time in the cohort program of study for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy at SOCY at the ANU; and
  3. have been awarded, and continue to hold, an ANU approved PhD base stipend scholarship; and
  4. have agreed to assign the ownership of any Student Material (as defined in the Student Assignment and Confidentiality Deed (Deed)) including any Intellectual Property embodied in the Student Material to the University, in accordance with the terms of the Deed between the recipient and the University. The recipient is encouraged to seek independent advice before signing the Deed and accepting this Award, for example via the ANU Postgraduate & Research Students' Association (PARSA).


Value: The value of the Award will be stated in the letter of offer. The Award comprises two components:

  1. Supplementary Stipend Scholarship: A recipient may be awarded a supplementary stipend scholarship to the value outlined in the letter of offer, paid as a fortnightly instalment; and
  2. Research Support: A recipient will receive an additional allowance to support their PhD project, as outlined in the letter of offer and paid as an annual lump sum into the recipient's Professional Development fund.

How to apply

There is no application as PhD candidates are automatically considered.

Further information