Ethel Tory Language Scholarship - Asian Languages


Each year the ANU College of Asia and the Pacific may offer up to 15 awards known as the "Ethel Tory Language Scholarship". The number of scholarships awarded each year will be contingent on the Ethel Tory Endowment fund.

The objective of the award is to provide funds to cover documented travel costs for eligible students undertaking full-time language study outside Australia.

Funding for this award has been provided by the Ethel Tory Endowment fund

Field of study

Asian Languages


The award will be available each year to a continuing ANU student who is:

  • domestic or international student; however, international students may not use the scholarship for study in their country of birth or citizenship, and;

  • currently studying language at an intermediate/advanced (or equivalent) level within their undergraduate degree as approved by the Ethel Tory Language Scholarship Committee;

  • Applicants must study full time while overseas in one of the following categories: Language courses conducted off shore by ANU and approved for credit towards the student's ANU degree, or, Language courses offered by an approved international higher education provider and approved for credit towards the student's ANU degree, or, A program of study, offered by an approved international higher education provider, delivered in a foreign language and approved for credit towards the student's ANU degree;

  • Previous recipients of the Ethel Tory Language Scholarship are ineligible to apply


  • Academic record of eligible students
  • Demonstrated benefits to the student's personal and academic life
  • Whether the student has been awarded any other funding, grants or scholarships for language study
  • Access and equity considerations, including, if relevant, financial circumstances.


The scholarship provides a one off payment of $2500

How to apply

Applications for this scholarship are available from the "Apply Now" button at the top of this page.

Further information

The language study program must be completed as approved under the award of the scholarship. Upon completion of the course and return to ANU, students must provide:

  • A short report in English (500-1000 words) on the study experience, emailed to; and if applicable
  • Official evidence from participating organisation, stating that the course of language study was completed (only if the course does not have an ANU course code). An original copy of this must be submitted to the CAP Student Centre, or a certified copy emailed to as a scanned attachment.

Failure to complete the course of study for which the scholarship was awarded may result in students being required to repay the scholarship funds.