Direct application scholarships

When you apply directly to ANU for admission as a domestic undergraduate student, you will have the opportunity to be considered for scholarships within the same application. There are two types of scholarships that are available as part of your direct application:

  • 'All eligible scholarships' - this requires no additional information from you. Your eligibility for these scholarships will be based on the information you have provided in your application, in addition to your preferred program
    selection, study options for applicants preferencing a flexible double degree, and your selection rank/ATAR.

  • 'Additional criteria scholarships' - in addition to the information required for scholarships with automatic consideration, you will also be required to provide answers to four questions:

    1. Why do you want study at ANU?

    2. Why would you like to study the selected discipline/s and program/s?

    3. How will your selected program/s help you meet your career aspirations?

    4. What does receiving a scholarship mean to you?

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