Defence Science & Technology Group Honours Scholarship for Female Students

This financial support is currently not available.


The Australian National University and the Defence Science & Technology Group are offering two scholarships to female students commencing an Honours year.  The scholarships aim to encourage high-performing female students to continue studying in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) fields to improve the representation of Women scientists and engineers.

Field of study

Physical Sciences, Information, Computing and Communication, Mathematics, Human, Social and Health Sciences, Cyber Sciences, Systems Sciences, Engineering and Technology


The award will be available to a prospective female student who:

  • is an Australian citizen
  • is commencing an honours year  in one of the following disciplines:
    • Physical Sciences
    • Information, Computing and Communication
    • Mathematics
    • Human, Social and Health Sciences
    • Cyber Sciences
    • Systems Sciences
    • Engineering and Technology
  • is completing an honours project which contributes to the mission of defence science; and
  • applies for and maintains a baseline security clearance;

Selection Basis

Selection is on the basis of academic merit.  Other factors such as a demonstrated ability to collaborate with others may also be taken into account.  Preference may be given to a student from an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander background


The scholarship provides a stipend $12,500 which will be paid in equal instalments in each semester of the Honours year.

Scholarship recipients may be offered the opportunity and encouraged to participate in DSTG's Summer Vacation Placement program

How to apply

Applications must be made to the ANU via the prescribed form at the top of this page.