Climate Change Institute PhD supplementary scholarship


The ANU Climate Change supplementary scholarship program seeks to encourage excellence in climate change research at ANU through supporting and encouraging outstanding PhD scholars to undertake cross-disciplinary and cross-college research.

Climate change is a challenge which transcends traditional disciplinary boundaries. Identifying and implementing successful mitigation and adaptation strategies, therefore, requires a perspective which can integrate insights across domains such as the biophysical sciences, social sciences and psychology, policy and governance, and technological change.

To encourage this integrative approach to climate change solutions, the ANU Climate Change Institute is offering top-up scholarship support to promising PhD Scholars whose projects cross at least two distinct domains of research, and who have a supervisory team comprising of at least two ANU Schools or Colleges.

Field of study

Climate Change


We encourage ANU academics to develop PhD projects and recruit outstanding PhD Scholars with suitability for this supplementary scholarship. A limited number of supplementary scholarships are available.

Candidate PhD Scholars should be:

  • undertaking (within the first 6 months of a PhD project), or soon to undertake, an interdisciplinary PhD project related to climate change, supported by a developed project brief.
  • supported by a supervisory team based at the ANU across at minimum two Schools or Colleges which represents appropriate support systems, skills, and commitment for quality supervision on the stated PhD topic
  • in receipt of an RTP Scholarship or equivalent from ANU, and may not hold any other supplementary scholarship. 


Recipients of the ANU Climate Change Institute supplementary scholarship will receive $7,500 total per annum toward living and operational costs (allocation of the scholarship across living and operational costs to be negotiated by the PhD Scholar and PhD supervisory team). The scholarship is expected to be used for the following purposes.

  • Research (e.g. field work travel, data collection, equipment)
  • Training (e.g. specialist skills required for successful research)
  • International conference presentation and attendance
  • Contribution to their stipend to ease the cost of living for PhD Scholars.

In addition, the recipient will develop a close working relationship with the ANU Climate Change Institute. This relationship will provide support for communicating research outcomes beyond traditional scientific publications (e.g. through science communication channels and the news media) and for engaging with end users of the research (e.g. to decision-makers and other stakeholders).

How to apply

At this stage, due to the constraints brought about by COVID-19, unfortunately we will not be offering the Climate Change Institute PhD supplementary scholarship in 2020.

Applications including the following items should be submitted to the Climate Change Institute via email (

  • PhD Scholar's Curriculum Vitae, including status of PhD project/application
  • PhD project brief, of no more than 1 page
  • Statement of supervisory arrangements, including skills and research environments, of no more than 1 page  

Further information

There is one round for the supplementary scholarship each year. To be assessed, please email the required application documentation to by 31 July.