CECS VTARA Honours Scholarship

This financial support is currently not available.


Each year the ANU College of Engineering and Computer Science may offer an award known as the College of Engineering & Computer Science VTara Honours Scholarship.

The objective of the scholarship is to encourage students to pursue a full-time Honours program in the ANU College of Engineering & Computer Science. There is an additional opportunity for a student to take up a unique practical learning experience through an internship with VTara Energy Group in India. The industry experience will allow students to gain knowledge, skills and practical, real-world experience to reach their full potential to make a difference in the world.

Funding for this award has been provided by Dr Clive Stephens, Chairman and CEO, VTara Energy Group (ANU Alumnus MMgtTechnology '03 and PhD '16).

Field of study

Engineering, Software Engineering, Information Technology


The award is available each year to a current or prospective ANU student who:  

(a) is a domestic or international student;  

(b) is enrolled in an embedded Honours program offered by the ANU College of Engineering & Computer Science and has completed a minimum of 96 units of ENGN, COMP or CECS courses OR is enrolled in a single Honours year program offered by the ANU College of Engineering & Computer Science in the year of scholarship offer;  

(c) has a strong academic record represented by a minimum career GPA of 5.5/7.0 at ANU;  

(d) has demonstrated interest in areas related to Information, Energy, Environmental Science, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering or Software Engineering.

(e) can demonstrate the experience and / or knowledge necessary to deal with the potential difficulties of an overseas internship in a developing country.


The Scholarship is valued at $15,000 per student per year with an additional $ 2,650 travel grant, which will enable recipients to complete the industry experience component of their scholarship.

$15,000 per scholarship paid in two instalments, one paid immediately following census date semester one and another payment immediately after census date semester two.  The travel grant, $2,650 will be paid once the recipient formally commits to the industry experience as part of the scholarship.

All VTara Honours Scholarship recipients have the opportunity to undertake an industry experience with the VTara Group in India. The industry experience is a very important part of the Scholarship Program and will give student's real-world, practical experience which further enhances their career prospects and gives them valuable context in which to deepen their understanding.

The Travel Grant will be awarded to meet travel and living costs during the industry experience, including airfares, visas, travel insurance, vaccinations and day-to-day living expenses.

Accommodation will be provided in-kind by VTara Group during the length of the industry experience.  Students will be paid directly by the VTara Group for their work during the industry experience. The above costs cover travel and living costs only and do not pertain to wages.  Mid-Dec-Feb dates are recommended for the industry experience.

The recipient is responsible for making payment of all tuition fees by the prescribed date as set out by the University each session. Recipients of this award are responsible for the costs of books, study materials, accommodation and all other costs of study.

How to apply

Applications are called for at the beginning of each calendar year with a closing date set by the College.

The application must be submitted on the prescribed electronic form and supporting documentation forwarded separately to the College prior to the closing date published on the ANU scholarships website.