Bursary for students with a disability


Applications are assessed and awarded at the discretion of a committee and may include a personal interview. The Committee will determine the amount of any bursary granted .

Bursaries for students with a disability are awarded subject to availability of funds up to a maximum total of 40 weeks for undergraduate and 48 for graduate students.

Bursaries granted to students living in an ANU Hall or affiliated residence will be paid directly to the residence to offset the student's rent account.


  • Be an enrolled ANU student.
  • Be enrolled as a candidate for an ANU award.
  • Be HECS-HELP liable student, deferring in full HECS-HELP loan payment (except New Zealand students who are liable to pay upfront)*.
  • Be an Australian or New Zealand citizen (or dual citizenship holder of either country), Australian permanent resident or a Holder of an Australian humanitarian visa*.
  • Be registered with the Disability Services Centre as a student with a disability.
  • Be able to demonstrate financial hardship*.
  • Not be in receipt of a substantial scholarship or financial assistance from any other source over $5,000 (e.g. residential hall bursary). Recipients of the ANU Access Scholarship are still eligible^.

* Applicable to undergraduate students only

^ Applicable to graduate students only