Bright Horizons Scholarship


Each year the Australian National University may offer a number of awards known as the Bright Horizons Scholarship.

The objective is to provide financial support to bright and high-achieving students who have faced adversity so that they may pursue their studies at ANU. Funding has been provided by the University.

Field of study



The Award is available each year to a commencing ANU student who:
  1. is a domestic student; and
  2. receives an offer of admission to an undergraduate degree program offered by the University; and
  3. based on evidence provided in their application to the University, has been assessed as meeting at least one of the following characteristics:
  • financial disadvantage
  • family difficulties
  • long-term medical condition or disability
  • permanent humanitarian visa-holder
  • attended their final years of secondary education at a school with an ICSEA of 900 or below
  • attended their final years of secondary education in a regional or rural school (i.e. S01R)
  • at the time of application to the University, resides in a Very Remote, Remote or Outer Regional area as determined by the geographical classification defined by the Australian Statistical Geography Standard - ASGS 2016


The exact annual value of your Bright Horizons Scholarship is stated in your letter of offer. The duration of the Award is for up to five years and will be paid in equal instalments upon confirmation of enrolment each semester.

How to apply

All applicants applying for admission to ANU through the direct Admission Scholarship and Accommodation Application will be automatically considered for the award based on them meeting the eligibility criteria and electing to be considered for scholarships.

When you apply directly to ANU for admission as a domestic undergraduate student, you will have the opportunity to be considered for this opportunity within the same application. Other such support options are enlisted on the Direct application scholarships page.