Baume HDR Travel Grant


This award is available to a HDR student studying at the National Centre for Epidemiology and Population Health (NCEPH) to assist with travel to a national or international conference, in pursuit of their academic goals.

Field of study

Epidemiology/population health


The Award will be available each year to a continuing domestic or international HDR student who is enrolled in a program of study at NCEPH for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy or Master of Philosophy. Students who have previously received the award are not eligible to apply again, except in exceptional circumstances.


Travel scholarship only, to a maximum of $1,500, for an enrolled HDR Candidate. No additional benefits.

How to apply

The Chair of the NCEPH Scholarships Committee shall call for applications. 

Application is by email to the Chair, NCEPH Scholarships Committee:

Candidates should provide:
•    a completed application form; 
•    a 2-page (maximum) CV; and
•    a one page (maximum) cover letter outlining the proposed activity for which funding is sought, including the proposed itinerary and costing.

Further information

Selection will be made on the basis of academic merit, as well as the benefit of the proposed activity to the recipient, as well as NCEPH.  The Award must be used for travel within twelve months of receipt.