ASTRO 3D Science PhB Advanced Studies Course Award


Each year the Research School of Astronomy and Astrophysics ("RSAA") in the ANU College of Science may offers the ASTRO 3D Science PhB Advanced Studies Course Award with the aim of increasing interest amongst Science PhB students in ASTRO 3D student research projects.

Field of study

Astronomy & Astrophysics


The award is available each year to a current ANU student who:

  • is a domestic or international student;
  • is enrolled in an Advanced Studies Course (SCNC2101, SCNC2102, SCNC2103, SCNC2104, SCNC3101, SCNC3102) as part of their Bachelor of Philosophy (Honours) - Science degree program in the semester for which they have applied for the award; and;
  • intending to undertake a research project within the Advanced Studies Course:
    • under the supervision of the RSAA ASTRO 3D Centre of Excellence Director, or any of the RSAA ASTRO 3D Chief Investigators, RSAA ASTRO 3D Associate Investigators or RSAA ASTRO 3D Postdoctoral Fellows; and
    • which has been approved as a suitable student research project fitting into the ASTRO 3D research framework by the research project supervisor, and the RSAA PhB Astrophysics Discipline Coordinator (RSAA PhB Convenor), and the College of Science PhB Convenor.


The award provides a one-off payment of $3000 to be paid after the census date for the Advanced Studies (SCNC) course within which the research project is undertaken.

How to apply

The application deadline is the Monday of the third week of semester in both semester 1 and semester 2.

 Applicants send an email to (Research School of Astronomy & Astrophysics (RSAA) containing:

  • declaration that they wish to be considered for the Award using the application from at the "Apply Now" link above;
  • ASTRO 3D project proposal;
  • a short CV (1 page) including contact details for the ASTRO 3D research project supervisor;
  • a copy of their current ANU transcript or Statement of Results from ISIS;

Applicants are also required to contact two referees and provide them with the referee form template (part of the Application form available from the Apply Now button above).   Referees must send completed forms directly to The ASTRO 3D research project supervisor can be a referee.

Further information

The students can apply all year around. However, the application deadline is the Monday of the third week of semester in both semester 1 and semester 2 and an application after these deadlines will be considered for the next semester. Please contact us at if you have any question.