ANU Research School of Biology, Laureate Fellowship PhD Scholarship in Plant Molecular Biology


n 2021 the ANU Research School of Biology, in the ANU College of Science, may offer 2 awards known as the Laureate Postgraduate Research Scholarship.

The objective of the award is to attract the highest calibre international and domestic students to pursue postgraduate research for a PhD degree within the Research School of Biology.

Funding for this award is provided by Laureate Fellow Prof. Barry Pogson as part of Australian Research Council funding.

Prof. Pogson's fellowship aims to produce transformative solutions targeting crop resilience and food security. The chloroplast, the site of photosynthesis, regulates a suite of cellular processes that control photosynthesis, growth and drought resilience. It is expected that a first ever blueprint of the suite of communication networks used by the chlorolast will be discovered. We will use synthetic biology to rewire the network in order to generate 'smart plants' that are higher-yielding and more resilient in both good and bad seasons by precisely switching on and off resilience.

To discuss project ideas please forward all enquiries to examples of project areas can be found in the Reference Documents section.

Field of study

Plant Molecular Biology


he award will be available to a student who is:
  1. either a domestic or an international student; and
  2. enrolling full-time in a program of study for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy, in the Research School of Biology, at the Australian National University. 

Selection will be made on the basis of an assessment of the student's research potential.  This will take into account a measure of the applicant's overall performance in undergraduate, and (if any) Master's coursework, as well as an assessment of their most recent graded research writing (thesis) and accomplishments (research publications, awards, referee evaluation).


In addition to the fortnightly stipend, the scholarship also provides the following benefits:
  • Dependent Child Allowance (for international recipients)
  • RSB travel bursary
  • Thesis reimbursement

How to apply

There is no application as students are automatically considered based on them meeting the eligibility criteria or conditions prescribed under the Eligibility section of the Conditions of Award.

Further information

Please contact Prof Barry Pogson ( for further information.