ANU Book Bursary


The objective of the Award is to support and assist students with financial need to purchase books considered essential to their studies.

Field of study



The Award is available each year to a continuing ANU student who:
  1. is a domestic or international student; and
  2. is enrolled full-time (18-24 units) in a single or flexible/vertical double undergraduate degree program at the University; and
  3. can demonstrate, through an application, their financial need and requirement to purchase essential reading for a course/s.


The value of the Award is stated in your letter of offer. The Award is the purchase of one or more of the requested textbooks unless otherwise stated in the letter of offer.

How to apply

The application form and instructions can be access via the "Apply now" link at the top of this page.

Further information

Contact ANUSA for assistance with the application process.

Phone: 6125 4093