Five things to know before you enrol in a PhD program

Thinking of doing a PhD? Then this session is not to be missed. Dr Inger Mewburn (aka the Thesis Whisperer), Director of Research Training at ANU and author of How to tame your PhD, will discuss five ways to set yourself up for success in your PhD and beyond.

  1. Reputation is everything! The PhD is the modern-day generic degree. It doesn't matter so much what topic you choose but where you do it
  2. Why choosing a research-led institution is a no-brainer
  3. Tell-tale signs that a university has a fundamental 'PhD student life support' system in place, what this is and why it matters
  4. How to select your supervisory panel: three key considerations
  5. Networking is king! How to position yourself post-enrolment to make the most of online and offline opportunities.