International Webinar Series: College of Arts and Social Sciences

Get an introduction to Anthropology with the ANU College of Arts and Social Sciences.

In this webinar we answer your questions about university life through the lens of Social Anthropology, a process of studying the ways people live and behave in different cultural settings across the world - including here at ANU. Social Anthropology uses empirical methods to investigate the human experience and looks at the different ways people 'do' and understand things such as education, politics, sports, gender, violence, marriage, art, science and more. Just as if an anthropologist was studying a particular cultural group in Africa, he or she could look at the specific culture of the ANU. If you were to go to Africa, you might ask: How does this culture work? What are its unspoken rules? Do I understand the jargon people use? What are its cultural norms and values? You could ask all these questions about the culture of the university, too.

Professor Simone Dennis is the Head of Anthropology and the convenor of the anthropology undergraduate program at ANU. She teaches the foundation course to almost 200 new students each year. An award-winning lecturer and an acclaimed international scholar, Simone's research interests coalesce around embodiment, the senses, and power.