Reasons to choose ANU

One of the world's great universities.

There are so many options to choose between for your tertiary education. We want to help you narrow it down so we have listed some awesome reasons why you should choose ANU.


Kambri art.

Kambri at ANU

Kambri is now open. Enjoy a new gym, pool, accommodation, restaurants and much more. Come and see it for yourself.


Choose Australia's #1 university

You will learn from the best

ANU has a 5-star rating for staff qualifications and 88% of our teachers have a PhD. We also have small classrooms with a 14:1 student teacher ratio which means you will know your teachers. 

You will live in a great city

Located in Australia's capital, Canberra is a small city that packs a punch. Canberra has also been recognised as world's most liveable city by Numbeo.

You can combine almost any two degrees

Can't decide between two degrees? ANU offers flexible double degrees which gives you over 750 different degree combinations.

Learn more about ANU achievements on our "Quick statistics" page.

Scroll to the bottom of this page to calculate how many adjustment factors you are eligible for.
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Calculate your adjustment factors

We get that everyone’s situation is different which is why we give you adjustment factors when you study certain subjects at school or if you have troubles in your final year which affect your ATAR.

Use this calculator to check if you’re eligible for up to 15 (maximum 5 subject/performance-based adjustment factors and minimum 10 equity-based adjustment factors).*

* Please note this calculator is an indication only, for eligibility criteria and information on how to apply see the approved schedule.