University partnerships, sponsorships and scholarships

The Australian National University provides a tailored admission process for applicants who are applying for an external scholarships, University partnerships or sponsorship arrangements.

Some agreements allow applicants to apply for all programs offered by the University, while others are specific to discipline areas.

Applicants who will be seeking an external scholarship, sponsorship or partnership should contact International Admissions for advice prior to lodging an application to ANU.

All applicants will be required to meet University entrance requirements, pre-requisite and cognate requirements, English language requirements and all other applicable admission requirements for their preferred program before enrolling at ANU.

Please be advised, that you will be required to disclose the name of the scholarship, sponsorship or partnership you will be seeking when you apply to ANU. If you are successful in your application to ANU, your enrolment at the University will be conditional on you demonstrating that you have been awarded an applicable scholarship, entered a sponsorship arrangement with an approved sponsor body, or entered an approved University partnership.

Scholarship support for University partners

ANU has a diverse range of scholarships available to applicants, advice on the available scholarships including eligibility criteria and application process, can be found on our dedicated scholarships page.

Pathway options for University partners

English Language and academic pathways may be available for external scholarships holders, or applicants applying to ANU from a partner institution.

For more information on the available pathway options, visit ANU College pathway programs. Alternatively, contact for more information.