Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC)

It is a condition of an Australian student visa that the student holds valid overseas student health cover (OSHC) for the entire duration of their study in Australia. OSHC is a private health care arrangement which helps cover the costs of medical treatments should you get sick or have an accident.

Holding health insurance in your home country does not exempt you from the obligation of having OSHC. Only the citizens of the following countries are exempt from obtaining OSHC as they have an inter-governmental arrangement with Australia.

  • Norwegian students who are covered by the Norwegian National Insurance Scheme.
  • Swedish students who are covered by CSN International (the Swedish National Board of Student Aid) or Kammarkollegiet (the Swedish Legal, Financial and Administration Agency).
  • Belgian students covered by the Belgian Government Insurance Scheme.
  • New Zealand citizens not on a student visa who have entitlements under the Reciprocal Health Care Agreement between New Zealand and Australia.

A spouse or legally recognised de facto partner and/or dependent children of a student will be covered by OSHC as long as the policy is for family cover.

Allianz Care Australia has temporarily closed all on-campus locations nationally effective 12 March 2020, until further notice.

The physical OSHC cards for students are no longer available, and it is strongly recommended that students download the Allianz MyHealth App (please refer to the Reference documents for Allianz MyHealth App Instructional Guide for instructions).

COVID-19 Information for OSHC members is available on the Allianz Care Australia website, and includes information regarding COVID vaccination. The updated Pregnancy Fact Sheet from Allianz Care Australia is also available (please refer to the Reference documents).

For any enquiries relating to your OSHC, please contact Allianz Care Australia on

Ph:  13 67 42 (Within Australia) or

Ph: +61 7 3305 8841 (Overseas) or 

Email: oshcact@allianz-assistance.com.au

However, this preference does not restrict you from obtaining OSHC from a provider of your choice. A list of approved providers can be found on the Department of Health website.

If you have been living or studying in Australia prior to attending ANU, or if you currently hold private health cover in Australia, make sure your cover is approved for OSHC and is extended for the length of your new visa.

More information about OSHC can be found on the Australian Government's Study in Australia website.