Admissions process – domestic direct applications

Assessing your application 

Your domestic direct application will be assessed on three requirements: 

  • the co-curricular or service requirement 
  • academic requirements (Year 11 results for your conditional offer and Year 12 results for your full offer) 
  • additional program requirements like prerequisites or portfolios if applicable for your chosen program 

Making an offer 

We will make you an offer of admission based on your Selection Ranks.  

We calculate your Selection Rank and provide it in your offer letters at both the conditional and full offer stages. 

Conditional offers 

Your conditional offer is based on your ANU Selection Rank. View your application timeline to see when your conditional offer will be released.  

Your ANU Selection Rank is calculated using your Year 11 results, your school's average ATAR performance in previous years, and any adjustment factors you are eligible for. This process allows us to make you a conditional offer based on your Year 11 performance. 

You still need to meet the minimum Final ANU Selection Rank required to gain entry to ANU with a full offer.  

Result format

To successfully calculate an ANU Selection Rank we need to receive your results in a certain format. While most schools in Australia will already use this format, some do not. If you provide results in a format we cannot use we will contact you.  Should this occur, please ask the administrative staff at your school to translate your grades using the available form. There are different forms for different types of qualifications; please ensure you use the version applicable to you.

The completed form should be uploaded against your application.

Full offers 

Your unconditional (or full) offer is based on your Final ANU Selection Rank. 

Your Final ANU Selection Rank is calculated using your ATAR plus any adjustment factors you are eligible for.  If equity adjustment factors were added to your ANU Selection Rank, these will also be added to your Final ANU Selection Rank.   


Priority admission  

Applications to ANU are open to all students, and we prioritise offers of admission by the following tiers: 

Tier 1: 

  • students whose academic performance places them in the top-2% of their secondary school campus 

Tier 2: 

Tier 3: 

  • All other students 

Here's how it works: 

  • Bahaar is in the top-2% of students in her school. She applies to ANU and has an ANU Selection Rank of 90 and tier 1 status. 
  • James performs well academically and is of Torres Strait Islander heritage. He applies to ANU and has ANU Selection Rank of 91 and tier 2 status. 
  • Sarah is an academically talented student, but doesn't fall in the top 2% of students in her school, nor is she a member of one of the identified priority criteria. She applies to ANU and is has an ANU Selection Rank of 92 and tier 3 status. 

All the students have listed the same program as their first preference, meet the co-curricular or service requirement, and fulfil the academic requirements for their preferred program. 

Under the admissions process, the first place is allocated to Bahaar as she has tier 1 status, the second place is allocated to James in tier 2 and the third place is allocated to Sarah in tier 3. 


Pathways to ANU 

If your academic performance places you in the top-2% of your school, but you don't meet the required Final ANU Selection Rank for admission, you are still eligible for consideration in a pathway program. 

View the pathways to ANU. 


Mandatory maths and English from 2022

Successful completion in senior secondary maths and English is mandatory for applications submitted in 2021 for commencement in 2022. You will need to complete: 

at least one high school English course/unit in at least one semester during Year 11 or Year 12; and 

at least one high school maths course/unit in at least one semester during Year 11 or Year 12.