Flexible Vertical Double Degree applications

Expand your career options and graduate with two qualifications

In a Flexible Vertical Double Degree program, you can combine a Bachelor degree and a Master degree from related disciplines for depth of knowledge and specialist skills; or combine degrees from different disciplines for breadth and transferrable skills.

These programs offer time and cost savings when compared with studying a Bachelor and a Master degree separately.

Choose your Flexible Vertical Double Degree from one of these groups:

  • Business, Humanities and Social Sciences 
  • Science
  • Law

Non-UAC International students

If you are an international student applying directly to ANU, you will select your Bachelor and Master degree on application to ensure you receive an offer package to meet electronic Confirmation of Enrolment via visa requirements.

Domestic & UAC International students

Step 1: Choose ANU

  • If you’re interested in studying a Flexible Vertical Double Degree program at ANU, then you use the Flexible Vertical Degree Finder tool to find a combination to suit your interests, strengths and career goals.
  • Select your eligible Bachelor degree from your preferred Flexible Vertical Double Degree group and check that you meet the entry requirements of the course.
  • Choose ANU and apply for your eligible Bachelor degree:

Step 2: Opt-in

Step 3: Transition

  • Plan your study program at programs and courses. Our Program Advisors can help you ensure your choices will allow you to transition into the Masters component of your program later on.
  • Start taking Masters courses at 96 units by achieving the required Grade Point Average.
  • Transition to your Master degree at 144 units by maintaining the required Grade Point Average during your eligible Bachelor degree.