ANU Adjustment factors

Most undergraduate students admitted to ANU have an ATAR or equivalent at or above the published Selection Rank for their preferred program.

ANU will also take into account adjustment factors for eligible students that, when looked at alongside your ATAR, will increase your Selection Rank for eligible ANU programs.

Adjustment factors must be applied for through the relevant ANU Entrance Scheme. These schemes include:

  • National Access Scheme (NAS): This scheme provides subject-based adjustments, which are adjustments on the basis of performance in specific Year 12 subjects that the applicant undertook. The scheme also provides performance-based adjustments for the achievement of an Australian Music Education Board (AMEB) Grade 8 or higher.
  • Educational Access Scheme (EAS): This scheme sits within the National Access Scheme however requires a separate additional application through the Universities Admissions Centre (UAC). This scheme provides equity-based adjustments, including adjustments on the basis of characteristics associated with disadvantage.
  • Elite Athlete Friendly University (EAFU) Entry Scheme: This scheme provides Elite Athlete adjustments, which are adjustments available on the basis of the applicant's sporting prowess.

The maximum total adjustments possible to an applicant's selection rank from the combination of all adjustments is 15. This may be made up of:

  • Up to 10 equity-based adjustments; and
  • Up to 5 Elite Athlete adjustments; or,
  • Up to 5 subject-based or performance-based adjustments (AMEB Grade 8)

How to apply for adjustment factors

  • Log in to your ANU application through the Admission, Scholarships and Accommodation (ASA) portal
  • Click 'Adjustment Factors'
  • Read the criteria of each category of Adjustment Factor and answer the relevant questions to determine your eligibility.
  • If you are eligible, download a cover letter with information on what documentation you'll need
  • Upload these documents along with the cover letter by 16 October 2019.