Wright Hall

Tenacitas, Comitas, Gratia

Our ethos

Wright Hall announcement

It gives me enormous pleasure to welcome you to Wright Hall.

Wright Hall is the University’s newest student residence and is named after my family and ancestors (my maiden name being Wright). My ancestry can be traced back to Joseph Wright, a convict of the First Fleet and to his wife Eleanor a convict of the Second Fleet. They had a tough life but through hard work and perseverance were able to build a new family.

The motto for Wright Hall is Tenacitas, Comitas, Gratia. I interpret those words as “Get on with it, get on with each other and be grateful”. It serves as the ethos of the Hall.

The motto was devised in consultation with Professor Elizabeth Minchin and her colleagues at ANU in the School of Literature, Languages and Linguistics. It stands there to shape the culture and identity of this new residence.

In building Wright Hall (and also Bruce Hall) Graham and I wanted to give more students the chance to live on the beautiful ANU campus, thereby gaining a full university experience. It also provides investment returns to fund in perpetuity the Tuckwell Scholarship Program at ANU. The success of the halls is important not only to its residents but also to all our future scholars.

We look forward to welcoming you to the community that the new leaders and residents will be building at Wright Hall.

Louise Tuckwell (née Wright)

Experience Wright Hall

A digital fly-through of Wright Hall

Wright Hall stands side-by-side with the new Bruce Hall, and they have both been designed to provide students with one of the world’s best on-campus living experiences.

The residences have been designed to set new standards in student accommodation and catering, and to build on the collegiate traditions and experiences of ANU residential life.

The two halls sit at the end of University Avenue. Each has a separate, private central quadrangle, which will be secure and accessible only to students of the Halls. The open green space between the residences will extend University Avenue all the way from Childers Street in the east to Clunies Ross Street in the west.

A digital fly-through of Wright Hall

Every student room in the new accommodation will have its own balcony. The rooms include a sink, a wardrobe, a bed and desk. Each building has its own rooftop garden providing another open space for students to host informal gatherings and meetings. Other features are common laundries, music rooms, computer rooms, theatre, study rooms, Wi-Fi and bicycle storage.

Wright Hall will have a contemporary design where students will have the opportunity to develop a new culture, personality and set of traditions. It will have a modern and casual vibe.

A key feature will be the flexible catering arrangement that gives students autonomy over their individual dining needs. Nutritious, well-balanced meals will be prepared on-site in the shared Bruce Hall/Wright Hall kitchen. The dining hall will be flexi-catered, with a café open to the public.

Wright Hall will have 428 residents and provide some of the best views on campus!