Wright Hall


General enquiries

General enquiries
+61 2 6125 6888


Samitha Ramayanake

Head of Hall
The Head of Hall has overall responsibility for leadership within the Hall community, including for the care and wellbeing of ANU staff and residents, for academic and pastoral support, for discipline, for engagement with stakeholders such as alumni and University academic staff, for the continuing development of a positive and particular Hall culture and character, and for working with the University in the development of strategy and policies that enhance the best possible residential and university experience.

Ms Aisha Mohamed

Property Manager,Operations
The Property Manager’s key responsibility is to provide an overall exceptional customer services to new and continuing residents. Their key focus areas include responding to resident’s requests and enquiries, supporting residents on check-in and departures and addressing cleaning, maintenance and other such related matters. The Property Manager works hand-in-hand with the Head of Hall and provides support in ensuring a unique residential and university experience.