Volunteering opportunities

ANU is committed to ensuring students have the best classroom experience for research and teaching.

"In addition there is a strong focus on the co-curricular experience which includes such things as the residential experience and volunteering. "ANU aims to create a holistic educational experience, unique in Australia, which goes beyond the narrow confines of the classroom. The ANU educational advantage will consist of: extended university involvement for students, including elements such as a residential experience for as many students as possible, non-residential halls, engagement in extra curricula activities like debating, public lectures, public issue campaigning, sport and volunteering"

- ANU By 2020

It is our mission to make these as accessible as possible so students can make the most of these valuable opportunities. Whilst there are many personal benefits in volunteering such as increased employability as a result of work experience, skill development and improved confidence there are also broader community benefits to those who receive the outputs of volunteering. We have a culture of volunteering in student residences and more broadly across the ANU and through these programs we seek to continue the tradition and make these opportunities accessible to all students.