Ursies sports are some of the best things about Hall life - even for those who don't actually play! They are a great chance to get involved and learn more about your fellow residents and are also a great chance to take a break from your studies! Throughout the year opportunities arise to play various sports, both for men and women, ranging from AFL, Netball, Volleyball and even Table Tennis!

Teams usually start off with some friendly training - which is usually just an excuse to have some fun and muck around! Training sessions, like the sports themselves, are as serious as the players want them to be and can be made flexible to fit in with the players' busy lives.

The games are not only a chance to display some of your fighting Hall spirit, but are also just a great social outing for all! Here at Ursies we are not elitist about our sports - everyone is encouraged to get in and "have a go", even if they've never played the sport before in their life!

That's not to say that here at Ursula Hall we are not competitive - there is nothing better than winning a game against our close neighbours!

In fact, Ursies sports are great, so why not get involved?