Residents committee

Ursula Hall has a very active Ursula Residents Committee (URC). This is a student committee elected by the student body. Its primary aim is to ensure that your Hall years are the most enjoyable of your life, while still enabling you to pursue your studies. getting involved in College life is what the ANU Residential Experience is al about and whether you are a first year undergrad or later year postgrad you are encouraged to participate as part of your obligation to the community at ANU.

Throughout the year, the URC organises many functions, ranging from 'O' week to the Hall Ball and Debating. For the artistically and culturally inclined the Inter-Hall Arts Shield competition generates much interest. Activities include debating, chess, poetry, short stories and public speaking competitions.

For the sports oriented the calendar kicks off with the Inter-Collegiate competition. Sports during the year include Hockey, Rugby League, AFL, Basketball, Netball, Swimming and Inward Bound (navigation/running event) just to name a few. All residents benefit form getting involved in sports even if it is as a supporter, your involvement helps to build a strong cohesive and active community.

Ursies has a reputation for a high level of involvement in all of these events. In addition to all this, the Hall hosts a drama production each year as well as trips to local and interstate productions. Various social outings and dinners allow members to enjoy international foods and cultures, the snow, live music... the list goes on!!! The URC also design and sell a variety of Ursies merchandise including T-shirts, Jerseys, caps and socks to wear at many sporting, social and cultural events.