Pastoral support

Ursula Hall has a team of Senior Residents who form the backbone of the patoral support system at Ursula Hall. Supported by the Deputy Head of Hall and Community Coordinators, the collective role of the Patoral Support team is to ensure that all residents feel at home and supported in our community.

Our Senior Residents are there to make sure Ursies is a fun, safe and productive environment in which to live and study.

Senior Residents are later year residents that have experienced the same kinds of challenges and difficulties that newer residents often face when away from home for the first time, or trying to settle into a foreign country. They are your first point of contact. They are trained in dealing with most emergency and first-aid situations, as well as being a friendly face if you feel like just dropping by for a chat. A Senior Resident is always on duty each night and can be contacted if any problems arise.

Eight Senior Residents provide pastoral care and support for a floor of 24 residents in the Main Wing, with seven Senior Residents located in the Laurus Wing providing pastoral support to a segment of the population spread over six floors.