Academic culture

Ursula Hall has a long history of academic performance including several Australian National University Medalists.

We have a diverse community of undergraduate and postgraduate students from all across the world ranging in age from 17-55 in catered and semi catered accommodation.

To ensure we support this diverse community we have developed a range of support programs including an 'Academic Team' of scholars, comprehensive mentoring program, an undergraduate research journal, dedicated study spaces, wifi, academic dinners and speech nights, and links to the academic colleges through our Fellows program.

Academic program

The Ursula Hall Academic Program is designed by students with the support of the Head & Deputy Head. It is delivered through the Academic Team and in 2016 aims:

  • To encourage participation, engagement and stability in the program by establishing a consistent formal and informal calendar and weekly events and structures.
  • To foster inclusiveness, academic curiosity, proactivity and scholastic fraternity as values consistent with the Ursula Hall ethos and in accordance with the wider collegiate system
  • To form formal and informal academic networks among undergraduates, post-graduates, and the wider research community of the ANU.
  • To develop the learning skills of academically successful students and to provide organised, reliable and pastoral support to struggling students and transitional first years.
  • To act as a forum for post-graduate and undergraduate interaction and integration.
  • To further include and support non-English speaking students within the academic life of the college and the wider college community in general.
  • To support the volunteer Academic Mentors by providing sufficient training; a clear outline of roles and responsibilities; adequate resources for running hub meetings; access to academic networks for support and resources; encouraging positive mentor-mentor and mentor-mentee relationships; and support and guidance from the Academic Community Coordinator, Deputy & Head of Residence.

Formal dinners

Throughout the year there are a range of formal and semi formal dinners where guest speakers come to present on current research or opportunities for students.

Each week in semester one the residents of Main Wing each participate in a floor dinner which is a semi formal gathering with a guest speaker.

Throughout the year all residents in Laurus Wing and Main Wing are invited to academic themed dinners in the Brian Francis Dining Room where guest academics are discuss hot topics in their research.


At Ursula Hall we support new undergraduate and postgraduate students through mentoring. Academic 'Hubs' are formed around degree/discipline areas, with at least two volunteer academic mentors (later year students with at least a Credit average or equivalent) running Hub sessions once a week, and a Senior Mentor to coordinate the hub.

  • Students will also have access to a range of older year students in more specialised subject areas of their discipline through a referral network between the mentors.
  • Mentors will support residents in developing study skills by facilitating discussions and/or presenting on a study 'theme' each week in their hub meetings. These themes will be decided by Senior Mentors as a result of Mentor discussion.
  • Mentors will also support students by replying to email queries (Senior Mentors), maintaining a presence at Might-as-Well-Monday study sessions, and facilitating drop-in sessions or individual consultations at their discretion.
  • Study rooms can be booked for Hub sessions and private study through Yogi.
  • Mentoring is voluntary: training will be provided in the first week after O-Week and refreshed at the beginning of second semester, and recognition will be provided at the end of the year.

Vice Chancellor's leadership course

A large proportion of students who graduate from this program live in a residential Hall, College or Lodge. for more information visit the Vice Chancellor's Courses website.