University House

On Monday 20 January 2020, Canberra experienced a destructive hailstorm which resulted in extensive building damage at the ANU Acton campus, with most buildings impacted, including University House.

The storm and rain damaged the roof, electrical circuits, and disabled the fire system of University House. Many areas, including the student rooms, suffered hail or water damage.

As a result of the hailstorm, the University House student community has moved to Gowrie Hall until the House is repaired, and University House is not able to accept new applications.

Students who wish to join to the University House community are encouraged to apply to Graduate House as their first accommodation preference when making an application.     

University House is the first graduate accommodation on the ANU campus and is now part of the University and Graduate Houses community. We have over 60 graduate students from 20+ countries who form a thriving and supportive community of scholars pursuing postgraduate research or coursework degrees. University House provides a quiet environment in which residents are encouraged to participate in the academic and social life of a graduate community, but also able to live and work independently and without being disturbed by others.