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Graduate House is part of the University and Graduate Houses community. We have over 150 graduate students from 30+ countries who form a thriving and supportive community of scholars pursuing postgraduate research or coursework degrees. Graduate House provides a quiet environment in which residents are encouraged to participate in the academic and social life of a graduate community, but also able to live and work independently and without being disturbed by others.

Graduate House has a long history of fostering diversity, with a student body reflective of the broad cultural mix on campus, and consistent with the international role of the ANU. Being composed mainly of research students from many different countries, our student body from time to time undoubtedly includes future world leaders and heads of national organisations.  The friendships they form while here can be critical to future successful relationships between their countries, and Australia. We see it as an important element of our role, therefore, to maintain an environment of cultural and national diversity in which international friendships can flourish.




2021 Costs

Weekly tariff amount Catering Other fees & charges Other costs

From $295.00 per week, for up to 52 weeks.

Not covered by National Rent Affordability Scheme.


Registration fee: $300.00

Refundable deposit: $500.00

  • Phone & internet connection - included
  • Data - included
  • Laundry facilities - included
  • Personal accident insurance - included
  • Resident Committee Fee - included
  • House Dinner, one per week - included

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