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UniLodge @ ANU - Davey Lodge offers students a wide range of apartments, from single occupancy studios to five bedroom multi-shares. Everything has been designed to make your student life as great as possible and help you excel at your studies.

Davey Lodge opened in January 2010 and provides some of the most modern well equipped accommodation on the campus. Each floor features generous common spaces to foster intellectual and social interaction for lasting friendships, academic stimulation and of course, fun.

All units contain their own kitchen which is equipped with a gas burner, refrigerator and microwave. Students need to provide their own cooking utensils, cutlery and crockery. Tables, chairs, couches and TV's are also provided in all apartments common lounge. 


2021 Costs

Rates range depending on the room type. Occupancy agreements are for 48 or 52 weeks usually commencing on 1 Feb and ending on 31 Dec or 31 Jan. Rent is paid a fortnight in advance via direct debit from an Australian bank.

Weekly tariff amount Catering Other fees & charges Other costs

From $290.00 per week, for up to 52 weeks.

Not covered by National Rent Affordability Scheme.


Registration fee: $300.00

Refundable deposit: $800.00

Community program fee: $125.00

  • Utilities - included
  • Laundry facilities - pay as you go
  • Phone & Internet connection - included
  • Data - included

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