Family accommodation

Finding suitable accommodation is a very important part of moving to Canberra, but families have extra things to consider.

The University residences are not suitable for children and no facilities for children are provided. Living off campus is the preferred option for families and will allow you to be closer to schools and other family oriented services. Housing Online will provide you with some information about properties in the rental market.

We suggest that you arrive in Canberra alone in order to source accommodation before the rest of your family arrives. This is because it may take several weeks for you to locate suitable accommodation, and it is easier to find inexpensive temporary accommodation for one person than it is to accommodate a family.

If you are coming to Canberra with children, in most cases you will need to look for accommodation with at least two bedrooms. Landlords in Canberra are often reluctant to rent anything smaller to families as one bedroom apartments and studios are considered too small for more than two people.

Once accommodation has been found, things like schools, day care centres and emergency services become priorities.