Summer Accommodation

Summer accommodaton December 2020

ANU is offering summer accommodation to its students over the December/January summer holidays.   For those students who have completed the expression of interest questionnair, the accommodation services team will be in contact within the coming weeks with confirmation of the steps to follow.

Summer accommodation will be offered at the following residences:

  • Burton & Garran Hall (self catered),
  • Bruce Hall (catered), and
  • Toad Hall (post graduate students) 

Due to the low level of interest for Wamburun Hall, this residence will not be offered for the summer.  If you had previously listed Wamburun Hall as a preference, Accommodation Services will be in contact with an update oon the options available to you.

The contract will run from 16 December 2020 to 27 January 2021.

Regular updates will be posted to our website and  Facebook.