Returning to your Residence

2021 Return to campus

In 2021 the ANU has seen a significant increase in the number of people applying to live in on campus accommodation who are eligible for the first year accommodation guarantee.   Many first year students want to live in catered accommodation as a first step out of living in a family home and moving to more independent living.   Whilst the ACT and the ANU have no community transmission of COVID-19 at this time, shared accommodation on campus are high risk environments for community transmission.  In 2021 the ANU will not be able to open all rooms in all residences because we need to continue to operate according to COVID-19 safe protocols and precautions.  

All of these factors combined mean we are not able to offer a room to every student who applied to return to their residence in 2021.   On this basis, it now means that;

  • Many later year students who have lived in catered accommodation in 2020 have been offered a room in a non-catered residence in 2021  

  • The more independent lifestyle residences - self catered Halls and apartment living Lodges - are being offered to the majority of returning students  

 The  Residential Experience Division Central Accommodation Team have established a waiting list so that any returning student who did not receive an offer of accommodation in 2021 is able to be kept informed of any vacancies arising between 31 October 2020 - 31 January 2021.  Further to this, the  Residential Experience Division Central Accommodation Team do offer workshops and resources to support students to find off campus accommodation. Information about these workshops and links to resources have been sent to all students who did not receive an accommodation offer.  

All residences across the ANU campus offer students access to diverse community building activities, academic enrichment and support, sporting program, pastoral care and opportunities to become student leaders. We are confident that students can have a positive social and academic experience in all residential communities.  

 From Monday, 14th September 2020 all students will be notified about their return to residence application outcome.  It is recommended that you read and follow the instructions in the correspondence that is sent to you. For more information, please do refer to the Frequently Asked Questions - Reference Documents, and also note the key dates in the table. Once you have received your outcome letter, please note and follow the below steps.

Step 1:  Submit a formal application in the portal

On the 14 September 2020 residents will be informed of the residence they will be returning to and the process to follow.

Step 2:  Accept and pay the relevant fees

On the 17 September 2020 residents will receive their formal offers and will they will be required to complete the occupancy agreement and make the relevant payments.  Residents have until the 21 September 2024:00 PM (AEST) to formally accept and pay.