Returning to your Residence

Returning to your Residence

The returners process for Semester 1 2020 is now open so it is important that you are prepared for the timelines set for this process as well as the information that will be asked of you in the returners application.

 You should always check with your Administration team at your Residence if you are unsure about any of the timelines or steps in the returners process.

The application is only available to you if you are currently living in one of the following ANU Residences:

  • Burton & Garran Hall
  • Bruce Hall
  • Bruce Hall Packard Wing
  • Davey Lodge
  • Fenner Hall
  • Gowrie Hall
  • Kinloch Lodge
  • Lena Karmel Lodge
  • Ursula Hall
  • Ursula Hall Laurus Wing
  • Toad Hall 
  • Wamburun Hall
  • Warrumbul Lodge
  • Wright Hall
Burgmann College and John XXIII College will run their own returners process independently so we encourage you to speak to Administration staff at those residences for further information.        

Returner Application Timelines

Returner applications open

Monday 14 October 9am

Returner applications close

Wednesday 16 October 4pm

Returners offers sent

Friday 25 October 10am

Returner offers acceptance close

Tuesday 29 October 10am


Preparing for your returners application

You will be required to answer questions in your returners' application so we have included these here for you to review and prepare for this. The application period is short so we encourage you to start preparing your responses in a word document now which you can then refer to and/or cut and paste when applications commence to ensure you meet the timelines for submitting responses.

Do not leave your application to the last minute! Late applications will not be accepted so if you are experiencing any difficulties completing the application or require assistance, please ensure your seek support from staff at your Residence.

Questions you will be required to complete in your returners' application are as follows:

About You:

  • What is your current level of studies?
  • Select the Academic program that you are currently enrolled in?
  • What year did you first commence your studies at ANU? 
  • Will semester 1 2020 be your final semester at ANU? 
  • How many years have you lived in a student residence at ANU (in total, not just within your current residence)? 

About returning to your community

  • Have you been involved in the following activities which benefit the University and/or the wider community?
  1. Resident Committee
  2. Community building activities
  3. Off campus activities
  4. Non-Residential Activities
  5. Arts or sports activities
  6. Leadership activities
  7. Other
  • If you have selected any of the above please provide details (400 characters or less incl. spaces) 
  • How have you personally benefited and developed by living in a residence and undertaking the activities which you have performed?  (1,200 characters or less incl. spaces) 
  • What activities and/or programs do you plan to undertake in Semester 1 2020 and how do you plan to contribute to your Community (i.e. academically, socially etc.)? (400 characters or less incl. spaces) 
  • What actions have/are you doing to achieve this? (800 characters or less incl. spaces) 
  • Have you ever been in breach of your Occupancy Agreement? 
  • If yes, please provide details and explain how you won't breach the Occupancy Agreement if you return to the Hall (400 characters or less incl. spaces) 
  • Why do you want to return to your residence next year? (800 characters or less incl. spaces) 

Supporting information

  • I have a documented health/medical condition which I would like taken in to account :Please provide details - supporting evidence may be required (400 characters or less incl. spaces) 
  • If you are registered with Access & Inclusion, and you would like us to take this into account when assessing your application please tick this box <<>>
  • Is there anything else that should be considered to support your application? (eg. 1st in family to undertake tertiary studies, enrolled in a specialised program, from a regional or remote region location etc.) (400 characters or less incl. spaces) 



  • I am aware of the costs applicable to the Student Residence in which I am offered will be clearly outlined in my offer letter.
  • Once I receive my official offer email I understand that I must accept and pay within 48 hours. 


What you need to remember

  • Familiarise yourself with the timelines.
  • Review and prepare your answers to the questions listed above.
  • You must also complete the Consent Matters online module by Monday 21 October.
  • Do not leave your application to the last minute! Late applications will not be accepted.
  • If you experience any difficulty with this process, you must contact staff at your Residence immediately for assistance.
  • DO NOT make an application on the portal until advised.