Postgraduate accommodation

There is a limited amount of accommodation on campus for postgraduate students, so it is recommended that you do look at other options at the same time as applying for on campus accommodation.  Our demand is very high and our available beds are limited.

When we select residents for our communities we consider the demographics for each residence, we try to get a balance within the following groups:

  • Male / female
  • Domestic / international
  • Diversity in the range of countries international students are from
  • Diversity in the academic program students are studying

A number of postgraduate accommodation locations also accept more mature undergraduate students however they do have a higher proportion of postgraduate students.  Some of the residences which appear on the front page of our website, when filtered, list our postgraduate residences but some of them only take a small number of postgraduate students and it does depend on the guaranteed intake as to how many postgraduate beds we can offer.

All applicants are considered equally and we do not offer a 'first come, first served' selection process, unfortunately many students miss out on our on campus accommodation as our demand is much higher than our supply, we can therefore only offer a small number of postgraduate students accommodation on campus.  We have a number of resources which can be used as a reference for accommodation off campus, which have student facilities and the University has been building more accommodation which will assist postgraduate students with more beds becoming available, this is an ongoing project and commitment from the University.