Inter-residence transfer Semester 2 2021 Now Closed

It is understandable that living in a preferred or non-preferred Residence or living in​ shared accommodation is not always easy, and whilst this does present you with an opportunity to grow, learn and develop, residents are offered the opportunity on a bi-annual basis to apply to​ transfer to another approved Residence. 

We will open up the inter-residence transfer process on 3 May 2021.  All approved University Residences will participate in the process.  Should you wish to participate, please note the following steps as well as some of the key things that you need to know when considering to apply to transfer:


Step 1:  Your Residence will send out information about the process

Your Residence will send you a pre-alert email on 29 April 2021.

The email will let you know the key dates and the process that will be followed.

Should you have any queries and/or concerns, please do chat to the Residential staff.

Step 2:  Additional information and Transfer form will be sent

Your Residence will send you a follow up email on 30 April 2021.

The email will let you know about the inter-residence transfer form that you will need to complete.

You will also receive information on how the applications will be reviewed and against what criteria they are assessed.

The form that you will need to complete will be included in the email.

The form will be available on the accommodation website on 3 May.

Step 3:  Return the form and supporting documentation to your Residence 

Complete the required paperwork in full with as much detail as possible and return this to your Head of Residence. 

If you are able to provide any additional supporting documentation in support of your application, please include this.

Step 4:  Applications are reviewed and assessed

All applications will be considered and assessed by the respective Heads of Residence. 

The information and supporting documentation that you have provided forms part of the assessment 

The respective Heads of Residence will have an open dialogue during this process.

Step 5:  Applicants will be emailed with the outcome

All applicants will be informed by email of the outcome of their application to transfer on 17 May.

Successful applicants will be advised of the next steps to follow.

Timelines are provided and students are requested to adhere to these.

Step 6:  Successful applicants will have to log into the portal

Successful applicants will need to log into the accommodation portal and submit a new application to the Residence that they are transfering to.

The portal will open on 17 May and close on 19 May.

If you miss the deadline you will need to contact your Residence.

Step 7:  A transfer accommodation letter will be sent

Successful applicants will receive a transfer offer letter.

This will be emailed on 20 May.

Students have until 26 May to accept and pay their acceptance fees for the transfer offer.​

Step 8:  Final steps

You will be advised of the move in date at your new Residence and any additional fees that are due.​

Your current Residence will also let you know of any additional and/or outstanding fees that are payable prior to your depature.

Clean your previous room to ensure refundable deposit. Then...Move In!​

Things to remember when applying to transfer:​

  • there are a limited number of transfer applications that are offered, ​
  • the transfer is not guaranteed, ​
  • the transfer will only take effect once the new residence has agreed
  • you are liable to pay acceptance fees upon receiving a transfer offer ​
  • rental fees vary between residences​
  • refund of fees at your current resident could take up to 6 weeks​
  • contract start dates may vary between the residences​, and so you may need to arrange to move in a day or two earlier
  • COVID-19 social distancing protocols are the same at all Residences