Inter-residence transfer

It is understandable that living in a preferred or non-preferred Residence or living in​ shared accommodation is not always easy, and whilst this does present you with an opportunity to grow, learn and develop, residents are offered the opportunity on a bi-annual basis to apply to​ transfer to another approved Residence. 

Under the current COVID-19 protocols, the inter-residence transfer process has been put on hold.  If there are extenuating pastoral care reasons to support an inter-residence transfer process, then please follow the following steps:


Step 1 Contact your head of residence

Discuss your request to transfer ​

Step 2 Complete the required paperwork ​

Once the transfer form has been filled, drop it in to your front office​​

Step 3 Applications are assessed by the new residence​

The new residence will consider your application and make a decision​

Step 4 Your application outcome will be emailed to you​

An email with an outcome will be sent. Successful applicants will receive further instructions​

Step 5 Successful transfer offers​

Accept transfer and pay acceptance Fee to new residence ​

Step 6 Then plan the move​

Clean your previous room to ensure refundable deposit. Then...Move In!​

Things to remember:​

  • there are a limited number of transfer applications that are offered, ​
  • the transfer is not guaranteed, ​
  • the transfer will only take effect once the new residence has agreed
  • you are liable to pay acceptance fees upon receiving a transfer offer ​
  • rental fees vary between residences​
  • refund of fees at your current resident could take up to 6 weeks​
  • contract start dates may vary between the residences, so you may need to source temporary accommodation​
  • COVID-19 means that there are limited opportunities to accommodate an inter-residence transfer