Inter-residence transfer

Inter-residence Transfers

Please note: The Inter- residence Transfer process for S2 2020 has not yet been confirmed.You will receive notification from your residence when timelines and processes have been approved.

A limited number of places will be offered to residents who wish to transfer between residences in Semester 2, 2020. The information you provide in the application will assist with assessing eligibility for transfer. All information provided will be treated confidentially and only be used for the purpose as outlined on the form.

If you currently reside in one of the following residences and wish to transfer from where you are to another residence you can apply for an inter-residence transfer. 

  • Bruce Hall - catered or self-catered
  • Burgmann College
  • Burgmann College Postgraduate Village
  • Burton & Garran Hall
  • Davey Lodge
  • Fenner Hall
  • Graduate House
  • John XXIII College
  • Kinloch Lodge
  • Lena Karmel Lodge
  • Toad Hall
  • Ursula Hall
  • Ursula Hall - Laurus Wing
  • Wamburun Hall
  • Warrumbul Lodge
  • Wright Hall

Things to be aware of

  • Transfers are not guaranteed and the number of residents approved for a transfer is limited
  • You will be liable to pay Acceptance Fees upon receiving a successful transfer offer so you must budget for this now. Fees can include a Refundable deposit/Resident committee fees/Transfer fee and two weeks rent.
  • Costs vary between residences so be aware that you may be paying more than you are now
  • Refund of fees at your currrent residence may take up to 6 weeks
  • Contract start dates vary between residences, you may be liable to pay rent at two locations if your contracts overlap. If there is a gap between contract start dates you may need to source temporary accommodation for yourself
  • No late applications will be accepted
  • You can complete one transfer request only
  • You must not enter an online application unless advised to do so
  • If you are seeking re-admission to your current residence, this is a separate process. You will be informed via email of details on how to apply after the transfer period has been completed and dates have been confirmed, do not submit an online application until advised.
  • You must complete the Consent Matters online module if you are sucessful in your transfer application.


Transfer applications open


Transfer applications close (no late applications will be accepted)


Application outcome emails sent from the Residence in which you are applying to transfer to


Successful applicants will be provided with instructions on how to proceed


Transfer Offers sent via email


Final date for accepting Transfer Offers and paying Acceptance Fees



Step 1
Pick up an Application Form

Download a form or pick one up at your residence's front office between the dates transfer applications are open.

Step 2
Complete and hand in your form

Once you have filled in all of the sections of your Transfer Application Form drop it in to your front office.

Note: Late applications will not be accepted.

Step 3
Applications are assessed

Your residence will complete the Administration part of your form and send it to the residence in which you are applying to move to.

The new residence will consider your application and make a decision.

Step 4
Your application outcome will be emailed to you

Once all applications have been processed by each residence an email will be sent to you with an outcome.

Successful applicants will receive further instructions on how to proceed.

Step 5
Successful transfer offers

Once successful transferees have followed the steps provided to them they will receive an email offer from the new residence.

You will have to accept your transfer offer and pay your Acceptance Fees to your new residence within the noted timelines on your offer letter so you must budget for this now. Fees can include a Refundable deposit/Resident committee fees/Transfer fee and two weeks rent.

Step 6
The next semester

Clean the room you were previously in to ensure you get all of your Refundable Deposit back, Move In!